Pierre Bennett Global Holidays: The Best Places to See in the Virgin Islands

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays is a travel club specializing in resort vacations at wholesale prices. Because they are also a full-service travel agency, the staff is knowledgeable about the Caribbean, including the Virgin Islands. Today, Pierre Bennett Global Holidays talks to Oceans 2003 about some of the best places to see in the Virgin Islands.

Oceans 2003: Good afternoon, thank you for joining us.

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays: We appreciate the invitation to talk about the Virgin Islands.

Oceans 2003: Given your familiarity with the Virgin Islands, can you tell us what the “must see” places are?

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays: Certainly. One of the most popular historical places to visit is “Blackbeard’s Castle.” The conventional wisdom is that he was never there, although it was named for him. It did serve as a watchtower to protect the harbor, though. And according to folklore Edward Teach – a.k.a. “Blackbeard” – used the tower to search for ships that he could plunder.

Oceans 2003: That’s really interesting. What else can you tell us about the Virgin Islands?

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays: Trunk Bay is one of the most picturesque places in the Virgin Islands. In fact, the U.S. Postal Service used a photo of the bay for a postage stamp. Also, because Trunk Bay is located in a state park, it can’t be developed in an unsympathetic manner.

Oceans 2003: It sounds spectacular.

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays: We can’t recommend that travelers visit Trunk Bay enough, it’s truly breathtaking. In fact, American Geographic said that it’s “without equal.”

Oceans 2003: Now, when someone visits the Virgin Islands for the first time, where would you suggest they enter the islands?

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays: St. John’s Coral Bay is a great alternative to the more traditional entrance of Cruz Bay.

Oceans 2003: Why is that?

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays: The island landscape culminates in the view of Coral Harbor, a stunning and protected cove.

Oceans 2003: What else will visitors see in St. John’s Coral Bay?

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays: A charming red-roofed church that dates back to 1750. And gorgeous views as far as the eye can see.

Oceans 2003: What would you say is your favorite spot in the Virgin Islands?

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays: Hands down, it has to be Hull Bay. It’s a favorite beach for local fishermen and surfers. Hull Bay also offers the best surfing on St. Thomas when there’s a north swell.

Oceans 2003: What would you say is your favorite “surprise” attraction in the Virgin Islands?

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays: The Magic Ice Gallery is an unusual, and truly fantastic destination. It’s the largest ice gallery in the world and showcases the history of the Caribbean in detailed sculptures made from ice.

Oceans 2003: That certainly is unexpected! What other unique attractions would you recommend for travelers, other than the Virgin Island’s magnificent beaches?

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays: Well, the Mountaintop observation deck is the highest point on St. Thomas, and it offers a panoramic view of the islands and the ocean. It’s truly stunning.

Oceans 2003: Is there anything else you would like to talk about before we finish?

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays: Ninety-Nine Steps is a really interesting historical site. Brick steps were built by the Danes in the mid-1700s and they called them “step-streets.” They thought it was the easiest way to climb up and down the steep hills of the islands. The bricks used to construct the steps were brought from Denmark in the holds of trading ships. Fun fact: There are actually 103 steps.

Oceans 2003: Thank you so much for talking to us this afternoon about the Virgin Islands.

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays: It was our pleasure. Thanks for having us.

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