Pierre Bennett Global Vacations: The Best Caribbean Islands to Visit on a Cruise

Pierre Bennett Global Vacations recommends that club members take a Caribbean cruise to visit the various islands in the area. The Caribbean Islands offer white beaches, remnants of colonialism and volcanoes, making them very attractive to visitors who are longing to see some tropical beauty. Pierre Bennett Global Vacations wants club members to be able to experience these magical places.  Because Pierre Bennett Global Vacations offers great discounts on cruises, hotels, condos, popular attractions and destinations, it’s now also easier than ever to visit these jewels of the Caribbean.

Dominica is unknown to many and Pierre Bennett Global Vacations believes that if club members are lucky, it will stay under the radar. The island has an unspoiled beauty and lures visitors in with its waterfalls, deep emerald pools, mysterious rainforests and an abundance of sea life. The team at Pierre Bennett Global Vacations suggests that members trek to some of Dominica’s active volcanoes – 9 out of 16 of the live volcanoes in the Caribbean are located on the island. Dominica also may look familiar to some visitors because Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End was filmed there.  And, because Pierre Bennett Global Vacations offers the lowest price available at time of booking, members will find that traveling to this island paradise is easy on their wallet.

Pierre Bennett Global Vacations also suggests members visit the beautiful island of St. Thomas. The only difficult choice that visitors may find themselves presented with is whether to go directly to iconic Magens Bay or take a short ferry ride to St. John. The travel experts also encourage members to visit Mountain Top for the spectacular view of Magens Bay – and to enjoy a tropical cocktail. Pierre Bennett Global Vacations has club resorts available all over the world, so visitors know that they will have quality lodgings as well.

San Juan (home of the Pina Colada) is another island often recommended by Pierre Bennett Global Vacations. This charming former Spanish city is a short walk or cab ride from where many cruise ships dock. Pierre Bennett Global Vacations notes that some of the sights include: Castillo del Morro (the main fort), the city walls and the city gate.  And remember, Pierre Bennett Global Vacations doesn’t deal with timeshares, so members aren’t tied down to one location and they don’t have to work around another vacationer’s schedule.

Pierre Bennett Global Vacations encourages members to also visit the newest Caribbean port of Grand Turk. It has been one of the top spots for divers for many years, and now it’s one of the best cruise destinations out there. Pierre Bennett Global Vacations suggests that visitors try their hand at snorkeling because from the Grand Turk shore – just a few yards out – the shelf drops 7,000 feet down. This makes for stunning snorkeling. However, if members don’t want to try snorkeling, there is plenty to do on the island. There’s shopping, fantastic food and white beaches for on-land entertainment. Since Pierre Bennett Global Vacations allows members to purchase condo inventory up to a year in advance, that will also give members plenty of time to daydream about their perfect island getaway.

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