Rebecca Leeb’s book signing tour in Honduras

When she first started out, Rebecca Leeb didn’t know what she wanted to write about. Then it came to her, a passion she already had deep inside her, healthy eating and living. Because Rebecca has been eating healthy for over 10 years, she already had recipes that she has shared with friends and family. With this newfound sense of purpose, it didn’t take Ms. Leeb long to craft the book now known as “Cooking Healthy with Rebecca Leeb”.

You might have seen her on her book signing tour in Honduras and she’ll be coming back to Texas in late October and will make her way back to California in mid-November. Make sure to book a date with her! She’s been entertaining small groups with personal cooking classes teaching local cooking with locally grown organic fruits and vegetables and has recipes for every pallet.

Think you don’t like healthy eating? Think again! Rebecca Leeb makes even the worst ingredients into a delictable treat the whole family (kids too!) will enjoy for years to come.

So what’s next for Rebecca? “I’m going home,” she says exhausted. Then she adds, “I’ll be back soon with another book deal with LightHouse, they’ve been really supportive and willing to adjust to my crazy schedule and weird demands.” I guess that’s one benefit of being a world-renowned author, making weird demands.

Want to find out more about Rebecca’s book signings and schedule? Lighthouse has the full schedule and it’s updated regularly on their website.

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