Rehak Creative Services on Copywriting Tips for Advertising Agencies

Rehak Creative Services According to Rehak Creative Services founder Bob Rehak, twice named Copywriter of the Year by Adweek magazine, copywriting is a more complicated task than most people might think. Below, he describes how Rehak Creative Services builds their award-winning advertisements.

Oceans2003: What is an essential lesson that copywriters must learn?

Rehak Creative Services: Copywriters need to respect the time and energy of readers.

Oceans2003: How can they accomplish this?

Rehak Creative Services: Brevity enforces clarity. In turn, clarity improves comprehension.

Oceans2003: What is the advertisement’s role in the sales process?

Rehak Creative Services: Advertisements should explain why the client’s product or service is better than competitors for a particular audience’s needs.

Oceans2003: Wouldn’t longer copy in an ad explain the product or service more thoroughly?

Rehak Creative Services: There’s a time and a place for long copy.

Oceans2003: Please explain.

Rehak Creative Services: As people get closer to an important purchase, they usually want to learn more details about the product or service. That’s when longer copy is appreciated.

Oceans2003: That makes sense.

Rehak Creative Services: If readers are still paying attention after a few dozen words, they are incredibly interested in the product or service.

Oceans2003: What’s the reaction from consumers?

Rehak Creative Services: When buyers are seriously interested, if the agency gives them sufficient information, the odds are good that the client will be able to complete the sale.

Oceans2003: It would seem like an intricate process.

Rehak Creative Services: Building relationships takes time—and Rehak Creative Services shows extra care for its clients so that they are happy with the end result.

Oceans2003: What makes a headline intriguing?

Rehak Creative Services: Headlines are most intriguing when they put the visual in a new and surprising context. Together, the headline and visual should imply the main benefit of the product or service.

Oceans2003: Where do some companies falter in terms of advertising?

Rehak Creative Services: Many forget that advertisements rarely complete a product or service sale. They are just the beginning of the sales process.

Oceans2003: What’s the next step?

Rehak Creative Services: After generating awareness of a product or service, the advertiser needs to build interest in learning more and ultimately establish brand preference.

Oceans2003: What advice should advertisers keep in mind?

Rehak Creative Services: The goal is to give readers enough information at every step to keep them moving toward the sale.

Oceans2003: What’s a key strategy that advertisers often forget?

Rehak Creative Services: Don’t tell the buyer everything you know. In the early stages of the sales process, tell the buyer what they need to know at any given step.

Oceans2003: How is an outside ad agency more qualified to provide creative input?

Rehak Creative Services: An advertising agency should have the ability to examine the issues from all perspectives.

Rehak Creative Services is one of the leading marketing communication agencies located in the Southwest. Rehak Creative Services has received the distinguished Best in Show honor from the Clios, the Addys, Cannes Film Festival and the New York Art Directors Club. Before founding Rehak Creative Services, Bob Rehak worked for major agencies in Chicago, Dallas and Houston a top creative director and manager.

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