Rene Cardona Says That Time Really Is Money in Aviation

Aviation expert Rene Cardona of Duncan Aviation in Lincoln, Nebraska is part of the aircraft acquisitions and consignment team at the company of some 1,900 employees (with in excess of 20,000 accounts) founded more than 50 years ago. Rene Cardona has some pretty good numbers to boast about himself too: he’s been in the aviation business for 30 years, is fluent in 3 languages and has been personally involved over 350 aircraft transaction in more than fifteen countries.

Although every transaction is unique, Rene Cardona says there is a common theme expressed by most customers who are buying a private jet: time is money. This is true, continues Rene Cardona, whether the client is a first-time aircraft buyer, is seeking to upgrade or add to a fleet of aircraft, hails from the central U.S. region, is from either coast or internationally based. Duncan Aviation is international in scope, its full service facility handle aircraft based in all continents except, Antartica.

Recognizing and delivering the need for quality, organized work efficiency and comprehensive services, Rene Cardona and his 1,000 colleagues in the 430,000 sq ft. Lincoln facility take seriously their small-town values where customers are known by name. The company has been listed four times in Fortune Magazine as one of the “Top 100 Companies to Work for in America” for good reason, says Rene Cardona from his Lincoln office, and happy employees are long-term and productive workers.

In fact, Duncan is known to employ among the most experienced people in aviation industry, Rene Cardona of Lincoln, Nebraska being one. This allows for a quality of service that is simply second to none and Rene Cardona confirms this statement as a matter of fact and record — not an unsubstantiated boast.

Rene Cardona agrees with the precept that time is money, and at his Duncan Aviation base in Lincoln, Nebraska, he’s working full speed ahead.

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