Grasping Success: It’s Possible, Says Rich Von Alvensleben

Rich Von Alvensleben has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue throughout his sales and marketing career and he knows a thing or two about how to get things done. Here, this former Arctic diver turned sales and marketing guru turned real estate investor and construction expert explains that people are often their own biggest obstacle.

Start with the Man in the Mirror

Michael Jackson had it right when he passionately performed this anthem for change at the 1988 Grammy Awards, says Rich Von Alvensleben. In order to have a personal revolution, the person, not the circumstances around the person, must change. Rich Von Alvensleben reports that people too often blame others for their failures. However, it’s rarely outside factors that make individuals neglect to perform. According to Rich Von Alvensleben, these are the top reasons people fail:

  • Self-doubt
  • Unwillingness to accept advice from others
  • Blaming the world when others are successful and they are not
  • Fear

Rich Von Alvensleben further breaks this down by saying that self-doubt is toxic. This one concept (the idea of failure) can literally stop success in its path. As an example, Rich Von Alvensleben suggests watching a child as he or she learns how to ride a bicycle. Chances are, as soon as they think about falling over, they do.

There are those who are unwilling or unable, due to some part of their ego, to accept that others who have come before them might have a tip or two to pass along, reports Rich Von Alvensleben. Some believe that emulating the work of others is a sign of weakness. It isn’t, says Rich Von Alvensleben. For as long as mankind has existed, he (and she) has learned from others. Where would the world be if there were no doctors or scientists to further the works of Alexander Fleming, the man who discovered penicillin?

There are others who can’t accept that they have control over their fates. God, believes Rich Von Alvensleben, has a plan for each and every one of His children. But, those children are given choices. There are entire sub-fields of psychology dedicated to attribution, or the mindset of blaming outside factors for failure or success. A poor pianist might blame the instrument when he has simply failed to practice, explains Rich Von Alvensleben. A student may attribute his failing grade on the size of the letters in his textbook when, in reality, he just didn’t read past the first page. Rich Von Alvensleben emphasizes that people control their own destinies.

And then there is fear, the black monster that sits on the shoulders of everyone at one point or another. Fear, says Rich Von Alvensleben, is almost parallel to self-doubt. One must learn to overcome his or her fears and accept that success is imminent. Fear is the boulder in the road. The most successful people, according to Rich Von Alvensleben, learn to simply walk around it to get to the (prosperous) other side.

Up and Away

Rich Von Alvensleben compares reaching success to launching a rocket. First, you have to believe it will fly. Second, you have to trust that the ones who built it knew what they were doing. Third, points out Rich Von Alvensleben, you can’t blame anyone else if you forgot to fuel the rocket. And, finally, you have to open your eyes and see where you are going and check your fears at the door, concludes Rich Von Alvensleben.

These simple ideas have built empires and, according to Rich Von Alvensleben, success can be anyone’s if they believe, commit and simply remain focused and constantly increase their commitment and efforts until they succeed.

About Rich Von Alvensleben

Rich Von Alvensleben is a Rocklin, California, businessman. He is the CEO of One Up Construction and Operations Manager of Von Vesting, Inc a real estate redevelopment and investment firm that he leads alongside his wife Tiffani. On a personal level, Rich Von Alvensleben enjoys the outdoors and spending time with his three children.

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