Rick Dover of Knoxville Discusses His Commitment to Historic Preservation

Rick-Dover-Family-Pride-Logo Rick Dover knows Knoxville is aware of his company’s dedication to historic preservation. In recent years, Rick Dover and Knoxville team members of Family Pride Corporation have been acknowledged by several organizations for their preservation efforts. As Rick Dover, a Knoxville businessman, points out, these efforts serve the dual purpose of providing high-quality housing

for seniors while repurposing buildings that might have otherwise fallen into disrepair or been destroyed.

Founded in 1993, Family Pride Corporation has always upheld a firm commitment to historic preservation, according to Rick Dover. Knoxville has been the central focus of much of this effort, but Rick Dover of Knoxville also points out that he has managed to preserve historic buildings in North Carolina, Florida and other parts of Tennessee throughout his career.

A deeply involved member of the community, Rick Dover of Knoxville has served on a number of boards in East Tennessee, including serving as a board member for Knox Heritage and Sequoyah Hills Preservation. Also a former member of the Americas Foundation, Rick Dover of Knoxville is proud to have been named an honoree of the East Tennessee Historic Preservation Alliance, winning its historic preservation of the year award two times.

Rick Dover, a Knoxville resident, clarifies that senior care is only one of the uses for historic buildings. Family Pride Corporation has also saved historic buildings for commercial and residential purposes, according to Rick Dover. Knoxville is home to many seniors in need of compassionate, comfortable care, Rick Dover of Knoxville points out, so in recent years, Family Pride Corporation’s focus has turned toward meeting those needs.

There are many reasons for saving historic buildings, emphasizes Rick Dover of Knoxville. Demolishing and rebuilding buildings consumes valuable resources, according to Rick Dover. Knoxville builders remodel the historic buildings Family Pride Corporation pinpoints, bringing them to today’s standards.

Restoring historic buildings also adds to the cultural enrichment of a community, Rick Dover of Knoxville has found, serving as a beautiful reminder of times past. These relics are a reminder of an area’s history, bringing communities together, according to Rick Dover. Knoxville has become a larger town over the years, but many still remember some of the buildings Rick Dover and Knoxville developers have restored, including the elementary school in North Knoxville that Family Pride Corporation recently renovated into Oakwood Senior Living, which will open soon.

Renovating these buildings also helps improve the economy of an area, according to Rick Dover. Knoxville neighbor Oak Ridge will soon benefit from Family Pride Corporation’s reworking of a historic motor inn, the Alexander Inn. As Rick Dover of Knoxville explains, this restoration will help improve property values, which have lagged in recent years due to the inn’s deterioration. This increase in property value could also improve the surrounding area, says Rick Dover, a Knoxville businessman.

Rick Dover of Knoxville and his team at Family Pride Corporation are excited to bring so many valuable senior care communities to the area. According to Rick Dover, a Knoxville resident, this restoration has benefits to everyone, from the seniors who enjoy compassionate care to the people who live in the area where each community is located.

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