Entrepreneur Sandra Dyche Shares Her Experience With Asian Women in Business

Sandra-Dyche-1st-Annual-AWIB-Award An award winner at the first annual Leadership Dinner presented by Asian Women in Business (AWIB), Sandra Dyche is one of the leading success stories for the organization. Sandra Dyche explains how Asian female entrepreneurs can achieve their professional goals by becoming members.

Oceans2003: What is the AWIB?

Sandra Dyche: The AWIB is an organization that assists Asian women who are entrepreneurs. It is a tax-exempted, nonprofit organization founded in 1995. The organization receives financial support through program fees, contributions and

membership dues. A group of full-time professionals handle daily operations, along with the assistance of a voluntary board of directors.

Oceans2003: How does the AWIB help entrepreneurs?

Sandra Dyche: The AWIB hosts numerous events and meetings where Asian women can network with fellow professionals and take part in leadership forums. Regular conferences and training sessions have brought in feature speakers who share their expertise with members.

Oceans2003: Has the AWIB collaborated with other groups?

Sandra Dyche: The AWIB partners with numerous major corporations, most notably in regard to the Born to Lead forum.

Oceans2003: What is the Leadership Dinner?

Sandra Dyche: Each year the AWIB recognizes the accomplishments of Asian women who have succeeded in their roles as corporate executives or business owners. Honorees must also demonstrate good leadership skills and act as advocates in the community. The Leadership Dinner traditionally takes place in the fall.

Oceans2003: What does membership offer to entrepreneurs?

Sandra Dyche: Most of all, membership in AWIB is an opportunity to sharpen skills and learn valuable business lessons from fellow professionals. Members attend a number of educational conferences, workshops and seminars. Additionally, members get invitations to AWIB-sponsored business events and receptions.

Oceans2003: Are there exclusive benefits for members?

Sandra Dyche: AWIB membership grants access to the membership directory, a great networking tool. It also provides special discounts for entertainment and shopping and a wealth of information about current events in the corporate world. Members can create an online profile and manage their membership online.

Oceans2003: How can less experienced professionals benefit?

Sandra Dyche: AWIB currently offers a program where Asian professional women in senior management act as mentors to those just starting out in their professional careers.

Oceans2003: How can interested parties find out more?

Sandra Dyche: The AWIB website, awib.org, is a comprehensive portal for information. The AWIB office is based in Manhattan.

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