Scott Sohr Discusses the Knoxville, Tennessee Real Estate Market

Developer Scott Sohr knows the southeastern region of the United States well. A Tennessee resident, Scott Sohr has realized great success as an entrepreneur and a real estate owner over the past three decades, with properties throughout Kentucky, Tennessee, and Alabama. Scott Sohr ’s investments include residential, commercial, and manufacturing developments. Recently, Scott Sohr began working with several builders to develop lots along Rockford Lane in the city of Knoxville. Here, Scott Sohr answers a few questions about the growing real estate market in the Knoxville, Tennessee area.

Q: Could you tell us a little about Cabot Ridge development in east Tennessee?

Scott Sohr: Cabot Ridge is an existing residential development near the Knox-Loudon county line. Our involvement in this development will focus on the last ten properties available in the subdivision.

Q: With the U.S. real estate market having such difficulties in recent years, are you concerned?

Scott Sohr: We are very optimistic, as all signs point to the Knoxville real estate market turning around. Requests for building permits have increased and there are quite a few builders showing interest in the area as well.

Q: Why are so many people drawn to the Knoxville area?

Scott Sohr: We believe that it is due to several reasons: Knoxville is an industry-rich city with a major state university and it offers a little bit of everything for residents.

Q: The Cabot Ridge subdivision is in the small town of Farragut. What type of town is Farragut?

Scott Sohr: Farragut is a suburb of Knoxville with a population of around 20,000. It has proximity to a big city and offers a small town feel.

Q: Do Farragut residents have access to the same amenities they would have in Knoxville?

Scott Sohr: Definitely! Restaurants and shopping are plentiful in Farragut, so anyone living in Cabot Ridge would have easy access to just about anything they desire.

Q: You own several other properties in Middle Tennessee. Could you tell us a little about the market in other parts of the state?

Scott Sohr: Like many areas in the U.S., things are looking quite promising. I’m involved in several projects, including Arrington Retreat, a large development just south of Nashville.

Q: Could you describe Arrington Retreat?

Scott Sohr: Arrington Retreat is a high-end subdivision in Williamson County with hundreds of houses. Each home is unique, with expansive floor plans and beautiful views.

Q: So do you feel the real estate market is on the rebound?

Scott Sohr: All signs point to yes. With the number of building permits being issued, it’s hard to deny positive things are happening. This is an exciting time for both builders and homebuyers.


Scott Sohr is a Nashville-based developer who owns several exclusive properties in the Nashville area. With an MBA from Vanderbilt University, Scott Sohr is a self-made entrepreneur, having helmed more than one business to success.

A disciplined businessman, Scott Sohr has built his career on a solid foundation of real estate, environmental, and healthcare ventures. His first business – selling custom plastic compounds to industrial operations – taught Scott Sohr that he must hire only the most talented individuals in their respective areas of expertise. This lesson has proven valuable over the last three decades and helped Sohr succeed across a diverse range of business interests.

Scott Sohr holds a Materials Engineering degree from Auburn University and a Master’s in Business Administration from Vanderbilt’s Owen School of Management. He is married with four children and lives in Nashville, Tennessee.


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