Interview with Scott T. Sohr – Arrington Retreat

Today, the staff of Oceans 2003 speaks with developer Scott T. Sohr about his Arrington Retreat development, located just south of Nashville in Williamson County. Scott T. Sohr has been at the forefront of residential and commercial development in the Nashville region for several decades.

Oceans 2003: Good morning, Scott T. Sohr, and thank you for taking a few minutes with us today!

Scott T. Sohr: The pleasure is mine.

Oceans 2003: What did you have in mind with Arrington Retreat when it was in the planning stages?

Scott T. Sohr: What we wanted was to put together a neighborhood of homes that had unique designs, lasting value, and second-to-none quality. We decided to partner with RiverBirch Homes.

Oceans 2003: What makes RiverBirch Homes unique?

Scott T. Sohr: RiverBirch contracts with well-known architects to lay out unique floorplans and great elevations for each home. They also specialize in spectacular, award-winning landscaping that conforms to the natural lay of the land.

Oceans 2003: What about craftsmanship?

Scott T. Sohr: Every house has interesting, unique details inside and out, with lots of individual attention from skilled home craftsmen.

Oceans 2003: What’s the advantage that RiverBirch Homes presents over a small custom builder?

Scott T. Sohr: Often a small builder doesn’t have the time or resources to work out financing, accounting, job estimates, administration, warranty work, or consultation with customers. There just aren’t that many hours in the day.

Oceans 2003: What kinds of amenities does Arrington Creek offer?

Scott T. Sohr: Arrington Creek residents can enjoy a pool, community garden, walking trails, a community park, and even a clubhouse for gatherings.

Oceans 2003: Where is Arrington Creek situated?

Scott T. Sohr: Arrington Creek is on 283 acres in Williamson County, at the crossroads between Nashville, Franklin and Murfreesboro. Home prices range from the $290s to $450s.

Oceans 2003: Haven’t the homes at Arrington Creek won awards?

Scott T. Sohr: Yes, the Showcase of Home Awards, Home Builders Association of Middle Tennessee.

Oceans 2003: If you had to sum up Arrington Creek in one sentence, how would you put it?

Scott T. Sohr: It’s the embodiment of small-town living in Tennessee, but only minutes away from the attractions of the big city.

Over the last quarter century, Scott T. Sohr has proven himself as an accomplished entrepreneur. Scott T. Sohr has been responsible for successful businesses in health care, plastic raw materials, land development, and more. Scott T. Sohr holds a Masters of Business Administration from Vanderbilt, as well as a Bachelor of Science degree from Auburn.

Scott T. Sohr is an active partner is several Nashville area real estate development projects. He credits his family for giving him the strength to pursue each venture with passion and enthusiasm. Scott T. Sohr resides in Nashville with his wife and four children.


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