Stephen Pitz – Music and the Arts: Stephen Pitz Details Its Importance in our Children’s Education

Former teacher Stephen Pitz observes that many parents take the time to enroll their kids in violin lessons or encourage them to try out for a school play. This is one of the best things a parent can do, according to Stephen Pitz. Stephen Pitz believes that fine arts programs are one of the best parts of public school systems. The benefits for the students are incredible and long lasting, asserts Stephen Pitz. The skills that students learn in arts and theatre programs, adds Stephen Pitz, stay with them for life.

Students in fine arts programs are more reliable, notes Stephen Pitz. This is because they have the chance to learn the importance of self-discipline. School systems that trim fine arts departments to save money are doing so at the expense of the kids, says Stephen Pitz. According to Stephen Pitz, the type of learning that comes with fine arts involvement is the most valuable. Because of its creative nature, Stephen Pitz believes that art programs are needed to keep imagination alive in students.

Compared with other extracurriculars such as sports, fine arts benefit students in teaching them to think in ways they never have before, says Stephen Pitz, and he points out that teaching a child to think is far more valuable than asking them to memories a list of facts. Especially in school, fine arts programs should be given more funding rather than less. Stephen Pitz claims that such activities are invaluable to growing minds.

Students who grow in their capacity to learn are benefited by the intense experience that fine arts provide. For example, Stephen Pitz knows that even the smartest students feel that they learn best when given the chance to express themselves. Stephen Pitz concludes that arts and theatre programs push students to expand the limits of their mind by providing intangible value that typical studies usually cannot.

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