The Beauty of Simplicity


As society continues to experience a more rapid pace of living, the need for simplicity is hidden underneath a pile of distractions and deadlines. Too many people are forsaking the art of contemplation, a sacrifice that often leads to poor decisions and troubling consequences. Without the time and energy assigned to deep thought, people rush from one event to another in an effort to keep up with their friends and acquaintances.

The stresses and pressures of maintaining one’s place in the pecking order are overtaking more important matters such as family members and friends. Relationships that provide value and comfort to people are being replaced

by professional responsibilities. Swiftly changing technology has created an increasingly dynamic environment that is often difficult to navigate. Moderation, then, is the key to a more enjoyable way of life. People must take charge of their calendars, or else their calendars will take charge of them.

As a general rule, people should follow the tried-and-true advice that “less is more.” Achieving a better quality of life requires asserting control over one’s personal and professional worlds. Often, the best way to simplify is to learn the power of the word “no.” Attempts to please all people, all the time will result in restlessness, resentment and disappointment. By taking stock of priorities, people will determine which relationships are most important and pursue them with renewed passion. The same goes for hobbies and extracurricular interests that provide a welcome break from workday challenges.

The beginning of this extensive process will mean a surrendering of old habits and ways of life, which can be painful at first. Reforming different areas of a daily routine—diet, exercise, social activities, family time—requires an individual’s concerted effort. Similarly, letting go of material desires can free an individual from the race to collect more gadgets and gizmos. Simplicity is never defined as “going without”—it exists instead as an essential way of life where people are able to maximize their potential and make the best use of their time and talents.

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