The Best Family Spring Break Vacations

Spring break is one of the most anticipated times of the year for both kids and adults. While kids get this time off by default, many adults also like to take some hard earned PTO in March or April and head toward warmer climates to shake off the chill of winter. However, as with any family vacation, planning a trip during spring break with the kids, grandparents, or other family members in tow can sometimes be a challenge.

The first and most obvious choice for a spring break vacation is the beach. Winter is finally winding down and the thought of warm sand, lounging under the sun, a cool breeze, and splashing around in the waves can be very tempting indeed. Beach trips are great for families, as kids can entertain themselves for hours making sandcastles and swimming in the surf. They also tend to be fairly low-cost affairs, as most of the day is spent soaking up the rays and not spending money.

Another great choice, albeit more expensive, is the theme park vacation. Disney World® is extremely popular for families, and you’d be hard pressed to find a kid who doesn’t dream of this vacation. But there are some drawbacks. As mentioned before, Disney World® and other multi-day theme parks like Universal Studios® can put a major strain on your wallet with hotel costs, entry fees to the parks, feeding the family inside the park, etc. There’s also the crowd issue—these parks tend to be extremely crowded from mid-March to mid-April, as all the spring break families flock there.

Many families are eschewing the traditional beach/theme park vacations and embracing the cold they just left behind and heading up north. Ski resort vacations are very popular for spring break families, as there’s still plenty of snow during March and April. But kids may not be too fond of these trips, especially if they aren’t interested in skiing or snowboarding.

Cruises are another excellent option, and rising in popularity. The prices may seem a bit steep at first glance, but almost all meals and amenities on board are included in the cost, and if you plan it right, it is possible to go days without spending a dime while you and your family stay entertained during every waking moment.


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