Timothy Powers’ Expert Answers: Housing for Disabled Americans

Recently, Oceans 2003 chatted with California housing market expert Timothy Powers on Alamo’s disability laws regarding housing.Realtor® and mortgage expert Timothy Powers says Alamo’s disabled population has rights regarding housing.

Oceans 2003: Thank you for talking with us today, Timothy Powers. Alamo is a great city. Can you tell us a bit about it?

Timothy Powers:Alamo is in Contra Costa County and lies about 15 minutes west of Mt. Diablo State Park.

Oceans 2003:Beautiful county! No wonder so many people want to live in the area.

Timothy Powers:Yes, Alamo is a great place to live. It is very welcoming.

Oceans 2003:So, do you have any advice for Americans living with disabilities before moving to the area?

Timothy Powers:Alamo, as well as the entire county, is a beautiful place with many parks and recreation activities. Many of the nature trails are wheelchair accessible.

Oceans 2003:What about housing?

Timothy Powers:Alamo conforms to HUD guidelines on Americans with disabilities.

Oceans 2003:Can you explain more about those guidelines?

Timothy Powers:Alamo landlords, for one thing, may not discriminate against anyone for disability reasons alone.

Oceans 2003:Are there other rules?

Timothy Powers:In Alamo, and the rest of the US, landlords must make reasonable accommodations for any resident with a disability.

Oceans 2003:What does that mean, Timothy Powers, that Alamo landlords must provide reasonable accommodation?

Timothy Powers:Alamo Housing providers must grant reasonable request that will not cause a financial burden.

Oceans 2003:Like what, for instance?

Timothy Powers:An Alamo tenant with a disability may, for instance, ask for a longer cord for a ceiling fan or request a reserved parking spot.

Oceans 2003:So the building owner pays for the modifications?

Timothy Powers:Alamo and HUD respect that businesses cannot bear all cost for accommodating any certain group, so they must be willing to allow an individual to make his or her own modifications at their own cost.

Oceans 2003:Like wheelchair ramps?

Timothy Powers:Yes. Alamo also has programs aimed at helping lower income people with disabilities alter their homes to be more accessible. Contra Costa’s Assistance to Mobile Home Owners targets the area’s most vulnerable and helps them live a better quality of life.

Oceans 2003:Sounds like the county is really making way for a diverse group of people. Well, thank you for talking with us today. We know you are quite busy.

Timothy Powers: Alamo and the entire East Bay region is a fairly progressive place. I appreciate the opportunity to talk about my hometown.

Timothy Powers is a real estate and mortgage broker based out of Alamo, California. He is the principal broker at Intero Real Estate Services and began his own mortgage firm, Paragon Mortgage Bankers, Inc., in 1996. His newest venture, East Bay Foreclosure Support, offers free financial, emotional, and physical support for military families – as well as those facing terminal illnesses – deal with the effects of foreclosure. Timothy Powers holds a BS in Business Administration and has been a licensed Realtor® since 1989. For more information go online to www.timothypowersalamo.com

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