Travelling to Nicaragua

Kyle Thomas Glasser has been at the fore-front by taking part in various community services. Kyle has always been a person with a desire to help others as he grew up. He has participated in many charity events and even many volunteer activities. Once he worked as a volunteer tutor for high school mathematics. Today, Kyle has further added travelling to marginalized communities in his service to the people. This trip took place in May 2010 where Kyle and his friends joined International Service Learning to Central America. This is where Kyle says that he understood the nature of poor living conditions for people in Nicaragua and Costa Rica could not even afford basic amenities.

In Nicaragua, he and his friends helped adults and children who had no hope of any medical care. Their kindness and compassion helped save many lives in Nicaragua and most of all thanks to International Service Learning program. Volunteers like Kyle really helped these people in their hour of need and gave them hope to continue their lives. The orphanage in Nicaragua needed many basic amenities and they had to spend their time to help them. In fact, they rallied up to set up a medical Centre to provide medical care. Kyle and his friends worked together to encourage kids and motivate them through a simple celebration for them to forget about their problems even if for a short while.

The group also visited Project Abraham and they helped them get to know medical care. This isa church oriented organization that had young children who were in need of help. They had to look for people by word of mouth because internet and other mobile devices are not available to the residents. Kyle has learned with practical experience the value of helping the poor and how satisfying it is to lend a helping hand. Kyle Thomas Glasser is still offering free tuition to high schools students and a member of many community service groups. These organizations include National Spanish Honor Society, Beta Club, Sigma Alpha Lambda National Leadership and even the American Medical Student Association.

Kyle is a person who has lived within his dream of helping people and seeing to it that the underprivileged are not neglected. His trip to Nicaragua has motivated and given him passion to continue his medical career in full force. It is really amazing for such a person to have the desire and will to serve the community.

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