Unilife CEO Alan Shortall Discusses the Company’s State of the Art Facility

According to Unilife CEO Alan Shortall, a “state of the art facility does more than just provide [Unilife] a place to do our business.”  This state of the art manufacturing facility was designed and built by industry professionals for Unilife, says Alan Shortall.  The 165,000 square foot facility is “over eleven clean rooms with full, particular control, climate controlled, moisture controlled and particular extraction.”

However, this facility for Unilife, Alan Shortall maintains, does more than just provide a place to work.  It also allows visiting “pharmaceutical companies to see that we’re actually producing product at the same level and standard that they do in their own facilities,” explains Unilife’s Alan Shortall.  As Shortall points out, this offers pharmaceutical companies a sense of “trust and confidence in our ability to deliver.”

In addition to demonstrating the ability to deliver, Unilife’s Alan Shortall suggests that the facility gives Unilife credibility.  “We actually have the credibility, not because of the innovation of having done the impossible with Unifill, but having built that substantial 165,000 sq. ft. state of the art facility within 12 months and 1 week for Unilife,” Alan Shortall explains.  This expedited timeline to building completion demonstrates to pharmaceutical companies that Unilife, says Alan Shortall, can meet their needs.  “We’re showing the pharmaceutical companies that we are nimble and determined enough to be able to deliver to their needs and their unmet needs,” points out Unilife’s Alan Shortall.  This communicates to pharmaceutical companies that Unilife will “be able to deliver their biologics into the market on time,” notes Unilife CEO Alan Shortall.

Unilife, Alan Shortall says, is a company that has been and currently remains “in the perfect position at the perfect time to capitalize on the changes in the pharmaceutical industry and the changes in the medical device industry.” Unilife, Alan Shortall concludes, is “in the perfect position because…we’ve got the innovation, we’ve got the skills, we have the expertise and we have the flexibility in our infrastructure.”

Unilife Corporation is a U.S. based developer and manufacturer of a diversified portfolio of advanced drug delivery systems. Since CEO and Executive Director Alan Shortall founded Unilife in 2002, he has been a principal driving force behind the company’s rapid global expansion. At Unilife, Alan Shortall has led the Company in the development, patent-protection and diversification of its broad device portfolio, which includes a best-in-class technology platform of safety syringes. As the leader of Unilife, Alan Shortall has also attracted world-class experts from the pharmaceutical and medical device industries to the Board and executive management team.

Between 2008 and 2010, Alan Shortall spearheaded Unilife’s transition from Australia to a fully-based and registered U.S. business. This included the redomiciliation of Unilife by Alan Shortall and associates into a Delaware registered Company, and its listing on the NASDAQ stock exchange (NASDAQ:UNIS) in February 2010. Unilife also continues to trade on the Australian Stock Exchange (UNS:ASX).

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Unilife CEO Alan Shortall Discusses the Company’s State of the Art Facility, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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