Foot Care from Dr. William Knudson | The Importance of Good Shoes

Podiatrist Dr. William Knudson tells his patients that since feet are at the heart of all human locomotion they must to be treated with care. Quoting a statistic from the American Podiatric Medical Association, Dr. William Knudson says that an average sized person walking one mile puts a cumulative 63 tons of force on each foot. People that engage in sports like tennis, basketball or jogging, adds Dr. William Knudson, put even more wear and tear on their feet.

To ensure long, healthy and pain-free performance from the feet, says Dr. William Knudson, care for and check them regularly. Dr. William Knudson says that with feet there are two major considerations for a walker to be aware of – strike and arch. Dr. William Knudson explains that strike is the way the foot touches the ground when taking a step. Arch is the amount of rise, says Dr. William Knudson, at the middle bottom of the foot.

A person can observe his or her arch, says Dr. William Knudson, by making a wet footprint on dry concrete. If the footprint is thin in the middle, explains Dr. William Knudson, then that is likely an indication of a good arch. If the footprint is more block shaped and thick in the middle, continues Dr. William Knudson, that usually indicates a fallen arch and it would be wise to consult a podiatrist.

People can evaluate their strike, says Dr. William Knudson, by observing how the soles of their shoes wear down. If shoes wear on the outside heel and outer edge of the sole, explains Dr. William Knudson, the foot is described as supinated. If the soles wear on the inside of the heel and along the ball of the wearer’s foot, notes Dr. William Knudson, the foot is pronated. With a neutral or ideal strike, says Dr. William Knudson, the wear will be even and minimal.

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