Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz Offers Tips on Wildlife Hiking

Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz possesses two Master degrees, one in Social Work and the other in School Psychology. In addition, Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz has three postgraduate certifications for social work and counseling. Despite all of this formal learning, Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz still maintains that some important knowledge cannot be gathered from books.

Experiential knowledge of the natural world, says Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz, is a key factor in effective psychological treatment. People must spend time in nature among plants and animals. Time spent hiking, backpacking or exploring a park, adds Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz, helps individuals to stabilize their temperament and it can encourage problem-solving skills.

Before hiking, suggests Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz, it’s important to do a bit of groundwork. Research an upcoming hike by looking up the park’s website, calling local officials or picking up and reading a trail map. Determine how long the trail is, advises Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz, as well as the difficulty of the terrain and the location of any facilities. Familiarize yourself with the area wildlife, cautions Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz, and know how to avoid cougars, bears and poisonous snakes.

Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz also points out that it’s helpful to wear comfortable attire and start early in the morning. Early morning, notes Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz, is the time when local flora and fauna are most active and so the chances of seeing wildlife are better during that time of day. Hike at a steady speed, advises Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz, not too fast or too slow. This serves as better exercise, points out Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz, and covers the most ground. Take along a nature guidebook, says Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz, to identify the different plants and animals you see and the hike has the opportunity to be an excellent learning experience.

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