YOR Health Presents No-Cost Products Through ‘Free with 3’ Program

YOR Health For the team at YOR Health, the responsibility of helping people transform their lives is not one that is taken lightly. In order to maintain YOR Health’s place as a leader in the nutrition industry, company management continually adapts to their environment. YOR Health now previews the

“Free with 3” program, which has been reported to be a tremendous asset to both customers and independent representatives. Recently, Oceans 2003 spoke with the staff of YOR Health about “Free with 3.”

Oceans 2003: Good morning!
YOR Health: Hello, how are you this morning?
Oceans 2003: Great. It’s exciting to talk about this wonderful new deal for the benefit of all YOR Health customers.
YOR Health: Yes, we are excited as well and are hoping it helps customers stay focused on the most important task at hand: maintaining excellent nutrition. It can be a challenge in today’s busy society…
Oceans 2003: In summary, what is the “Free with 3” program?
YOR Health: “Free with 3” is an incentive program. It allows Select Customers and Independent Representatives of YOR Health to get orders for FREE, every single month, just for recommending people that also purchase YOR Health products.

Oceans 2003: How does the “Free with 3” program benefit individual consumers?
YOR Health: It’s a tremendous way to show support for your closest loved ones. By sharing these products, you have the opportunity to provide them ultimate happiness.
Oceans 2003: What’s the starting point for YOR Health consumers?
YOR Health: It all begins with becoming a select customer or an Independent Representative.

Oceans 2003: Are the YOR Health products assigned different values?
YOR Health: Yes. Each order is tied to what will be referred to as a PV, or product volume.
Oceans 2003: Most importantly, how can YOR Health customers win free stuff?

YOR Health: It’s simple – by recommending three of their friends or family members during the course of a month, customers will qualify to earn a number of free products.
Oceans 2003: Is there a maximum amount of YOR Health products that a consumer can receive?
YOR Health: The maximum is determined by the lowest PV among the three customer orders.

Oceans 2003: For example…?
YOR Health: If the lowest order is rated at 50 PV, then the customer qualifies for 50PV worth of products. If the lowest order is rated at 100 PV, then the customer qualifies for 100 PV worth of products. It’s really quite simple.

Oceans 2003: What happens when a customer qualifies, but doesn’t actually redeem their products within the monthly cycle?
YOR Health: All customers are given a grace period of three days to put in their order. After that time, the free offer has expired.
Oceans 2003: Will qualified individuals be notified of their ability to access free products?
YOR Health: Absolutely. Once their third recommended customer has made a purchase, the qualified individual will receive a congratulatory email. Then, they are encouraged to provide their order.

Oceans 2003: What an incredible opportunity for everyone involved!

YOR Health: We think so! By pledging their support for “Free with 3,” it’s a win-win situation.

Oceans 2003: Thanks for sharing the scoop with us!

YOR Health: You’re very welcome.

YOR Health improves the lives of thousands around the world from their home base in California. YOR Health has brought together a wide array of premium quality ingredients to formulate nutritional products that assist people with their health and wellness initiatives. 

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YOR Health Presents No-Cost Products Through ‘Free with 3’ Program, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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