YOR Health Reports: Teamwork Makes Company Better

Founded in 2008, YOR Health is on a mission to spread awareness about health, happiness, and income opportunity. YOR Health encourages interaction between representatives and believes that a solid social network is the foundation not only for successful company but also for a healthy life.

YOR Health – Beyond Inspiration

When listening to testimonials from YOR Health IRs and customers, the word TEAM is often credited as a vital part of each person’s success. It’s true. At YOR Health, nothing would be possible without the spirit and integrity of our amazing team and the bond shared among every member. It’s the foundation of the YOR Health philosophy—that nothing is possible without the support and synergy of an excellent group of individuals. YOR Health teaches that success lies in one’s ability to inspire others to do the same and that true success is not achieved by reaching the top alone, but by getting there with people who have always believed in you, trusted in your ability to be a leader, and have stuck with you through thick and thin.

It is because of this philosophy that YOR Health team members become the closest of friends, confidants, and even like family. They turn to each other when life seems overwhelming. YOR Health Independent Representatives (IRs) push each other to go above and beyond personal expectations.

YOR Health – Beyond Ordinary

Beyond ordinary–this is what distinguishes YOR Health as a premier company. From the phenomenal growth in Mexico, with sales skyrocketing and the message of better health, financial and personal wellbeing spreading throughout cities, we know that it is the inextinguishable strength of the YOR Health team that has carried us to new heights. This sense of friendship and loyalty is the culture of YOR Health. We are a group of individuals striving with the same passion to excel, find personal fulfillment and help others realize that there is more to life than just the ordinary. At YOR Health no one is left stranded because there is always someone there to offer advice, lend a hand, and demonstrate there is always a solution. YOR Health leaders and team members are all in this together; ready to hold each other up and leave no YOR Health IR behind.

YOR Health – Beyond Borders

We are all striving for the same dreams and aspirations. YOR Health IRs may come from different backgrounds and have different stories of how they arrived at YOR Health, but in the end, each member is here to make a positive impact on the world. As a global YOR Health team, we aim to create a revolution in better living—to spread the word that it is possible to be financially liberated and have a fulfilling life. And on this journey to create change, it is the YOR Health team members who will be there every step of the way, unwavering in their faith and trust in each other. At YOR Health, the team is the backbone of our company. The unique synergy, spirit, and fortitude of our culture make us more than a company. We are a family – the YOR Health family.

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